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Chasing Ghosts is a brilliant addition to the Dudley sister’s saga books.  I’ve read a lot of books set in World War Two but not many set just after so it was on to see how the world was still affected by all that had had.  The author has clearly done her research and there is lots of brilliant details about the period that really helps you to picture it in your mind.

Claire is a very strong, competent lady whose bravery in the war was very interesting to read about.  Her obvious concern and love for her husband is very touching to read about.  I enjoyed following her investigation into where her husband had gone and to finding out the truth behind the accusations against him.  This was particularly interesting as it takes the reader across Europe to learn more about the aftermath of the war there.

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Chasing Ghosts (The Dudley Sisters #6) by Madalyn Morgan #BlogTour #Giveaway @rararesources #HistFic @ActScribblerDJ

“My favourite part was reading about Claire’s adventures in France, the vivid description of the prison ruins was quite haunting. The fallout from Mitch’s treatment in Canada and the resulting twist was unexpected and made for a satisfying ending.” 

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Another 4* review. This time from Rachel Bustin @

“I like the character of Claire. It gets exciting when she heads to France to find answers on Mitch’s disappearance and how she needs to find him before the military does.

I’m giving Chasing Ghosts 4 out of 5 stars for the sheer way it was written. The author makes it somehow beautiful with the words and phrases used.”

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Day four of Chasing Ghosts Book Tour and a review from Waggy Tales.


This is the sixth in a series and I have to admit that I haven’t read the previous books. However, this worked as a standalone novel and I enjoyed reading Chasing Ghosts.

I love historical fiction and the retro black and white cover really drew me into this book. It begins in 1949, Claire returns to England after three months in Canada with husband Mitch and daughter Aimee. However, Mitch didn’t make the flight and Claire is worried about his whereabouts. During their time in Canada Mitch had received treatment at the Louis Bertrand Hospital for shell shock suffered in the war.

When Mitch goes missing it is left to wife Claire to use all her resources to find out what happened to him. Does Mitch have information that has put his life at risk? or is he having an affair?

This is an interesting story, highlighting how Post Traumatic Shock can affect soldiers taking part in war zones, it is well researched with a strong female character and a good amount of suspense throughout.

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What’s Better Than a Book? Great review for Chasing Ghosts from a Great Blog

Historical, menacing, and intriguing!

In this latest novel by Morgan, Chasing Ghosts, she transports us back to 1949 as Claire embarks on a journey to find her missing husband, Mitch with the help of her contacts and friends from the Resistance after he mysteriously disappears during treatment for PTSD in Canada.

The writing is descriptive and smooth. The characters are fearless, clever, and relentless. And the plot, although a little slow to start, is a compelling tale about the psychological effects of war, family dynamics, friendship, suspicion, desperation, duplicity, and murder.

Overall, Chasing Ghosts is a sinister, fascinating, well researched, easy read that has a nice little twist and a satisfying ending. And even though it’s the sixth book in the Dudley Sisters Saga and the sequel to China Blue (Book #3) it can certainly be enjoyed and read as a standalone novel.

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“A super historical novel set in the mid-twentieth century, Chasing Ghosts by Madalyn Morgan. Although it can be read as a standalone, it is part of The Dudley Sisters Saga and the sequel to China Blue.

The family members and old friends who set out to help Claire are well drawn and vividly evoked.

A well- researched read full of tension and period detail.”

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As Claire sets out to search for her missing husband, the story moves through several countries including Canada, England and France. It was so interesting to read about the aftermath of WWII in each of those countries, and I think Madalyn Morgan captured the essence of their respective cultures very well.

Although this book can be read as a standalone (I hadn’t read any of the previous books before this one) I think I would have got even more from it had I read the rest of the series as well. Particularly during the parts set in France there were a few moments alluding to past events, which made me really want to know what had happened to the characters during the war.

The strongest aspect of this novel for me was Claire’s character. I loved the fact that she could clearly handle herself, and her courage and determination during the search for her husband meant I was rooting for her all the way.

If you like action-packed historical fiction with a strong heroine, then I think you’ll really enjoy Chasing Ghosts!

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“Chasing Ghosts” a wonderful review by Jess Bookish Life. Thank you.

An excerpt from the fabulous review by Jess Bookish Life.

“Madalyn has a brilliant storytelling ability, she leaves us wondering and looking for the answers. Besides, the period of this book is the WWII and that brings emotions to everyone. And seeing how Madalyn Morgan told the story with so meticulous and it made me feel like I was in that time, in the book.

 “I got to feel empathy for the characters because they felt so real and their emotions, fears, worries and dreams were so well put in the storyline that I got emotional with them.”

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Chasing Ghosts by Madalyn Morgan at Proud Book Reviews, Oct 8th

An excerpt from the review for Chasing Ghosts by Proud Book Reviews.

“A gripping love story that spans 3 countries, multiple intelligence agencies and involves a lot of subterfuge. Who will win this battle of wits?”

“… After all the drama that’s happened, I finally felt like everything had worked itself out. Claire had her husband back, the authorities were made aware of what had really happened and were hunting down the right person. And I felt like the story was winding down to a great finish. Only for it to ramp right up again!

And this time we get to see a deeper side to Claire’s spy skills. And boy was it amazing!”

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